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Bulb Growing Guide

In this guide we will be going over the basics of growing bulbs, water forcing bulbs, proper planting times, and more! For answers to specific questions, speak with a Garden Seventeen sales associate today! Check out our available bulbs by clicking here How to Grow Spring Blooming Bulbs Most (if not all bulbs) need a… Read moreBulb Growing Guide

Tropicals: Pet Friendly, Low Light, Air Purifiers

Pet Friendly Options Many of us plant parents are also parents to a pet or two. Here is a short list of plants we commonly stock that are safe for plants: African violets Air Plants Bromeliads Spider Plants Calathea Echeveria Hoya Most Ferns Most indoor tropical Palms Prayer Plant Swedish Ivy Here’s a link to… Read moreTropicals: Pet Friendly, Low Light, Air Purifiers

Tropicals: Bright Indirect Light, Proper Watering, Potting, & Propagation

This is a basic guide for those who love houseplants, and want to be a better plant parent. We will cover repotting, feeding, watering, and more so that you can feel better about caring for your new plants! Bright Indirect Light We all have heard the term, but what does bright indirect light really mean?… Read moreTropicals: Bright Indirect Light, Proper Watering, Potting, & Propagation

Pollinator Options & Deer Resistant Plants For Central Texas

Popular Pollinators & Their Blooming Times This list runs through popular plants that act a a host for our pollinator friends like bees and butterflies. If you have a question about a specific plant that is not found on this list, feel free to ask a Garden Seventeen team member! Early SpringThese early spring bloomers… Read morePollinator Options & Deer Resistant Plants For Central Texas

Planting Guide and Helpful Resources

This guide is designed to help you to be successful planting anything from small perennials to large trees.   Step 1: Dig a hole twice as large as the width of the potted plant or tree, but no deeper than the pot. It is better to err on the side of being shallow than going… Read morePlanting Guide and Helpful Resources

Organic Pest & Disease Control

Pests are inevitable when it comes to owning plants, but this shouldn’t deter you from having them in your home because pests are treatable! This guide goes into detail on what to apply to your plant depending on the pest. Here is our THREE STEP process for identifying and treating garden problems: 1. Identify the… Read moreOrganic Pest & Disease Control

Lawn Care Guide

This is a guideline for seasonal fertilizing, mowing, and care for your lawn. Using organic products in your lawn is environmentally friendly, supports your turf’s ecology, builds strong colonies of beneficial microbes and fungi, all of which reinforces the overall health of your lawn. Following the schedule outlined below will result in less time and… Read moreLawn Care Guide

Cacti & Succulent Information

Below we will discuss some important aspects of owning Cacti and Succulents. This includes: potting, watering, fertilizing, dormancy, and typical growth patternsThe more you know about your plant, the more successful you will be as it grows! For answers to more specific questions pertaining to your plants, feel free to bring in photos and speak… Read moreCacti & Succulent Information