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Corn Gluten – Weed Prevention

Nature’s Creation® PREVENT Corn Gluten Spreadable  is a non-selective, natural pre-emergent herbicide which feeds turfgrasses, flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Its natural pre-emergent herbicidal properties prevent germination of broadleaf weeds, annual, and perennial grasses. It works by inhibiting the feeder root development of germinating seeds. Because it will not kill existing plants which have already germinated,… Read moreCorn Gluten – Weed Prevention

Medina Products You Need

Medina products are great for a multitude of areas of plants, lawn, and gardening. Packed with tons of nutrients to help fortify your plant, you won’t want to skip out on these products! Your plants will thank you with beautiful, healthy, showy foliage! Below we go into detail about each Medina product that we carry.… Read moreMedina Products You Need

Mulch Information

The application of mulch around all types of plantings is critically important to several aspects of plant health & growth, and greatly contributes to overall gardening success. When applied at a 2 inch – 4 inch layer, mulch provides numerous key benefits in the garden: Helps Retain Soil Moisture: Mulch acts as a barrier to… Read moreMulch Information

Indoor Plant Care

This is a basic guide for those who love houseplants, and want to be a better plant parent. We will cover repotting, feeding, watering, and more so that you can feel better about caring for your new plants! Choosing a plant: Do some research and learn about your plant including its light needs, watering needs,… Read moreIndoor Plant Care

Fruit Tree Care & Pollination

This care sheet will be discussing the care of fruit trees that go dormant in winter, such as peaches, pears, plums, etc.When purchasing a fruit tree, remember that most varieties will ultimately do best and produce more when planted in ground. There are exceptions (dwarf fruit trees, citrus, and avocados) that need more care in… Read moreFruit Tree Care & Pollination

Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles (otherwise referred to as Leca) offer a new way to grow your plants without the use of soil! Using these clay pebbles has both pros and cons, so do a little research on them before deciding to switch your plants over to this soil-less alternative. We carry the brand Grow!t Horticultural Clay Pebbles… Read moreClay Pebbles

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes (BN) attack more than 230 kinds of soil dwelling and wood boring pests, such as flea larvae, white grubs, cutworms, fungus gnat larvae, fire ants and many more! Nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil and attack these pests. Nematodes are safe for children, pets, and all plants. They are not to be… Read moreBeneficial Nematodes

Ant Control Products

There are multiple ways to treat for ants.  The following is a basic list of treatments. Please contact a Garden Seventeen associate with any detailed questions about your situation! I Must Garden Ant Control This spray uses all-natural ingredients such as soybean oil, garlic, molasses, and mint oil to repel and kill ants. The formula… Read moreAnt Control Products

Our Best Of Austin 2022 Nomination Suggestions

Hey friends! It’s that time of year again when Austin Monthly Magazine accepts nominations for their Best Of Austin poll! We would love it if you nominated Garden Seventeen for best Plant & Gardening Shop! If you need ideas for nominations for other categories, we have made a list of our suggestions below! You can… Read moreOur Best Of Austin 2022 Nomination Suggestions