Our Story

Garden Seventeen may be new to Austin, but it’s been growing from our passion for years. When founder Rodney Stoutenger left his job at another local garden center to start Native Edge Landscape in 2008, he knew he wanted to someday make his way back to working with customers in a retail environment.

For nearly 10 years, the team behind Native Edge Landscape has been committed to a long-term goal of opening a retail space to service DIY customers with the same quality, service, and attention to detail our full-service landscape customers enjoy.

We’re still a work in progress! Be sure to check out our blog, instagram, and newsletter to follow along with the progress.

Our Journey

After years of planning and months of sloowww construction in the shadow of COVID-19… WE ARE OPEN! Be sure to head over to our Instagram, @gardenseventeen, where you can see the entire process step by step!

Our Building

Our unique location has a history of its own. One that we are still tying to figure out. We know that in 1945 Rainhart Manufacturing took over the space and used it as a manufacturing and R&D facility for laboratory equipment until 2016.

There is rumor that the building had a history before that. We’ve been told that this building used to be part of the UT Airport in the 20s… Someone even told us this building held WWII Planes… But we haven’t confirmed that yet. If you know something, let us know!