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Employee Favorites

This is a list of items that our employees simply can’t live without! We will link all products to our online store where you can place an order for curbside pickup! Mosquito Bits Our team are advocates for Mosquito Bits because they make getting rid of pesky mosquitos a breeze! Marshy swampy areas inundated with… Read moreEmployee Favorites

Citrus & Avocado Growing Guide

Citrus trees and avocado trees require the same type of care! Use the guide below to help you during the planting and growing process. Pick a pot 4″- 6” larger than the current pot your citrus is in. If planting in ground, select the most protected corner of your garden (typically the south/southeast corner) which… Read moreCitrus & Avocado Growing Guide

When To Plant Veggies & Herbs

We sat down with our vegetable and herb buyer to discuss the best times to grow your veggies and herbs! Scroll through our graphics below to see the best times to plant your favorite foods. January – February March – April May – July August – September October – Early November November – January For… Read moreWhen To Plant Veggies & Herbs

Fall Seed Starting

It may still feel like summer, but Fall is fast approaching! Now is the time to start preparing your Fall veggie seeds. Our veggie and herb buyer gave us a great guide for Fall seed starting! For further questions, feel free to give us a call or visit us in store! Learning your regional frost… Read moreFall Seed Starting

MicroLife Fertilizer Products

MicroLife is one of the best fertilizers you can buy on the market. The company prides themselves on being fully organic and beneficial to your plants! Their products range from general fertilizers that work on a variety of different plants, to specialized fertilizers geared toward specific plant needs. As an added bonus, they are based… Read moreMicroLife Fertilizer Products

Moment: A New Pop-up Experience

All good things must come to an end! We loved bringing our plants to the east sidemen if it was just for a limited time. Please come visit us at our main location open 7 days a week! 604 Williams St. Austin, TX 78752

Growing & Caring for Tomatoes

So you want to grow your own tomatoes but don't know where to start? We will discuss how to care for your tomatoes so that you can get the most fruit out of your plants!

Winter Damage in Plants

After last week's hard freezes and power outages, you may notice that some of your plants are looking a little sad. Before you throw them away, we have a few tips and tricks so that you can try and bring them back to life!

Growing Potatoes In Central Texas

Growing potatoes here in Austin is a relatively easy and tasty addition to your garden.

Prep Your Lawn For Spring

I sat down with our plant and lawn care expert Zoanna to discuss important products, as well as how and when to apply them for the healthiest lawn possible!