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Roses: Everything You Need To Know

The Rose bush is a classic flowering perennial that is known for it’s bright, colorful blooms! We sat down with Whitney, our perennials, trees, and shrubs buyer to create this guide on growing roses. We will go over planting, fertilizing, watering, pruning, and give you two other great resources to take a look at! Planting… Read moreRoses: Everything You Need To Know

Mulch Information

The application of mulch around all types of plantings is critically important to several aspects of plant health & growth, and greatly contributes to overall gardening success. When applied at a 2 inch – 4 inch layer, mulch provides numerous key benefits in the garden: Helps Retain Soil Moisture: Mulch acts as a barrier to… Read moreMulch Information

Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles (otherwise referred to as Leca) offer a new way to grow your plants without the use of soil! Using these clay pebbles has both pros and cons, so do a little research on them before deciding to switch your plants over to this soil-less alternative. We carry the brand Grow!t Horticultural Clay Pebbles… Read moreClay Pebbles

Fall in Austin: Time To Plant & Winterize!

Plant Those Perennials! With the cooler weather comes the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, clumping grasses and cold tolerant perennials. Spring planting is great too, but why not let your plants get a jump start on their root systems during the colder months?  Due to our (mostly) mild winters, most outdoor plants here in… Read moreFall in Austin: Time To Plant & Winterize!

Tropicals: Bright Indirect Light, Proper Watering, Potting, & Propagation

This is a basic guide for those who love houseplants, and want to be a better plant parent. We will cover repotting, feeding, watering, and more so that you can feel better about caring for your new plants! Bright Indirect Light We all have heard the term, but what does bright indirect light really mean?… Read moreTropicals: Bright Indirect Light, Proper Watering, Potting, & Propagation

Planting Guide and Helpful Resources

This guide is designed to help you to be successful planting anything from small perennials to large trees.   Step 1: Dig a hole twice as large as the width of the potted plant or tree, but no deeper than the pot. It is better to err on the side of being shallow than going… Read morePlanting Guide and Helpful Resources

Cacti & Succulent Information

Below we will discuss some important aspects of owning Cacti and Succulents. This includes: potting, watering, fertilizing, dormancy, and typical growth patternsThe more you know about your plant, the more successful you will be as it grows! For answers to more specific questions pertaining to your plants, feel free to bring in photos and speak… Read moreCacti & Succulent Information

Citrus & Avocado Growing Guide

Citrus trees and avocado trees require the same type of care! Use the guide below to help you during the planting and growing process. Pick a pot 4″- 6” larger than the current pot your citrus is in. If planting in ground, select the most protected corner of your garden (typically the south/southeast corner) which… Read moreCitrus & Avocado Growing Guide