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The April Update!

It’s The April Update! In Store Popups: Special Speaker Series: You find details on these events and more are on these pages:Events: https://gardenseventeen.com/events Class Schedule: https://gardenseventeen.com/classes

G17 Update: March 2023

Spring has Sprung and we have lots to fit into this video! You find details on these events and more are on our Events Page: https://gardenseventeen.com/events Class Schedule: https://gardenseventeen.com/classes Markets: https://gardenseventeen.com/markets

February 2023 Update

Hope you’ve been staying warm Austin!! – Spring Class scheduled announced – BYOB Discount – Plant Of The Month: Fiddle Leaf Fig! – Queer Plant Social – And More! Check out the events page for full list of upcoming events! https://GardenSeventeen.com/Events

Garden Seventeen Support Update

How You Can Help: Hey all! It’s Rodney again! As most of you have seen, last week we posted a video to express our need for support at this time. We want to thank you, the amount of response we have seen so far has been overwhelming. The amount of emails I have received has… Read moreGarden Seventeen Support Update

Garden Seventeen Could Use Your Help

How You Can Help: Hey all! First, I want to say happy new year, and thank you for all of your continued support! As most of you know, we opened our doors to the public in June of 2020, peak pandemic, and we are so happy we did! We have felt so welcomed by the… Read moreGarden Seventeen Could Use Your Help