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Free Mini Garden Activity for Kids of All Ages!

Event info

Apr 23, 2023 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Join us on Sunday, April 23rd from 11am-12pm for an Earth Day weekend celebration in creating a beautiful fairy and dinosaur garden as we connect with the magic of our child spirit in play! We will design our own miniature garden by honoring the earth and all the beautiful botanicals it holds. Attendees will go home with a playful mini garden. This event is open to children of all ages and communities!

This event will be hosted by Jesus Garcia of the Herbal Action Project.

Jesus Garcia is a Mexican Shaman and Herbalist teaching the traditions of lineage work through botanica practices of curanderia and community spiritual herbalism. Jesus is an early childcare educator focusing on nature school fundamentals through holistic enrichment garden programs and is the founder of the HerbalActionProject, a nature play-school and community garden sanctuary.

The Herbal Action Project is a community education resource for schools and educators to weave in the wonder and magic of Children’s Herbalism and Holistic Gardening through ancestral and mesoamerican traditions. To learn more about Jesus and his work, visit www.HerbalActionProject.com