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Terrarium Team Building

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It’s not all trust falls! Garden Seventeen recently hosted a unique and exciting team-building workshop for a group of coworkers. The activity centered around building a terrarium, an enclosed ecosystem of plants and soil in a container. Participants learned about the different elements that go into creating a thriving terrarium, as well as how to care for their own creation once it was complete.

Not only was the workshop a fun and educational experience for the participants, but it also provided a creative outlet and a break from the daily routine. Building terrariums as a team allowed coworkers to bond and work together towards a common goal, leading to stronger relationships and a more positive work environment.

Garden Seventeen is a perfect location for events of all kinds, and team-building is just one example. With its beautiful and lush surroundings, ample space, and knowledgeable staff, Garden Seventeen is an ideal venue for both corporate and personal events.

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience for your team or group, consider hosting your next event at Garden Seventeen.