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Mulch Information

The application of mulch around all types of plantings is critically important to several aspects of plant health & growth, and greatly contributes to overall gardening success.

When applied at a 2 inch – 4 inch layer, mulch provides numerous key benefits in the garden:

  • Helps Retain Soil Moisture: Mulch acts as a barrier to greatly reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation. Consequently, more soil moisture is available to plant materials and watering frequencies can be drastically reduced, conserving this critical natural element.
  • Helps Moderate Soil Temperatures: Mulch’s insulating properties assist in limiting the transfer of heat during temperature extremes. In summer, mulch will help protect garden soil from direct sun rays and aid in keeping the soil cool. Mulch also prevents sensitive surface roots from becoming damaged and unable to absorb moisture from extremely cold temperatures by trapping ground warmth at soil level.
  • Helps to Reduce Weed Growth: A layer of mulch will act as a weed barrier by helping prevent the germination of weed seeds. This beneficial property of mulch is very important from both aesthetic and maintenance perspectives.
  • Helps Prevent Erosion: Under rainy and windy conditions, garden soil will easily erode. Mulch applied to areas conducive to erosion will greatly be reduced by acting as an organic net. Mulches that have shredded characteristics have proven to be most effective.
  • Assists in Adding Organic Matter to Soil: As mulch slowly decomposes, valuable organic matter is gradually introduced to the upper soil levels. This organic matter promotes healthy microbiological activity that feeds the soil, thus recreating the cycle of fallen organic matter on the forest floor!

Garden Seventeen carries:
Cedar Mulch
Pine Straw Mulch
Texas Native Hardwood Mulch
All are great for flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens!

2 cubic sq ft bag:    
2” deep = 12 sq ft.       3” deep = 8 sq ft