Garden Seventeen’s Loyalty Program

Welcome to Garden Seventeen’s Loyalty Program! Sign up using a phone number at checkout either in-store or online and start earning points on your next visit.

Each dollar you spend becomes a point towards one of the 4 tiers (excluding tax)
100 points – $5 off your next purchase
250 points – $25 off your next purchase
500 points – $50 off your next purchase
1000 points – $100 off your next purchase

Refunds will remove the points earned at the original purchase.
Points expire after one year so plan ahead and don’t let them go to waste!
This program is subject to cancellation or change without notification.

Thank you for your returning support to our garden center! Enjoy your rewards and we will see you soon!

Disclaimer: If points are not used properly, or there is suspicion of abuse, points can be revoked and adjusted at anytime at the discretion of Garden Seventeen.