Vendor Markets At Garden Seventeen

We here at Garden Seventeen love to support our fellow local businesses and creatives. Throughout the year, we host vendor markets that are open to local Austin makers! Vendors in the past have told us that their most successful markets were held at our shop! We do not charge for booth space, however we ask that our vendors agree to follow a few simple rules. These rules are in place to maximize our space and minimize the spread of Covid 19!

Vendor Market Rules

  1. Vendors must be set up for both days (usually Saturday and Sunday) of the event.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, set up time is 11am with a tear down time of 4pm. Everything needs be ready for the public by noon each day. No tearing down early. Items can’t be left on site between market days.
  3. Vendors will need to bring their own table, tent (mandatory), signage, and seating. 
  4. TENTS ARE REQUIRED!! The tent/canopy should be 10X10 no bigger no smaller. 
  5. Vendors must have weights to weigh down the tent.
  6. If a vendor requires electricity, they must bring their own extension cords and let us know ahead of time.
  7. If a vendor is currently partnered with us and is selling products in our store, the products sold at this festival will be from our stock at Garden Seventeen. The customers of partnered vendors will need to be checked out at one of our registers. 
  8. Masks will be required to be worn correctly and at all times. We urge vendors to bring something to clean between shoppers, as well as hand sanitizer. We ask that your interactions with customers be as contactless as possible! 
  9. There will be no more than two people sitting at/running a booth. We know you may have friends that come to see your booth, but they will not be permitted to hang around your space for too long. We want to keep the flow moving and prevent too many people from gathering in a space at once.
  10. Items sold at the market can be a “spicy” PG-13 because we do see visitors of all ages! If you have something slightly more inappropriate for young eyes, we ask that those items be kept in an area that is less noticeable or marked with “18+ items”. If you’re wondering if an item is okay or not, email us some photos! Our goal is not to censor your art but to create a safe space for all who visit our markets!
  11. If you want to apply with another person and share a single booth space, send in one application with both of the artist’s information in a single email.

We announce an open call for vendors a month or so in advance for the market. These are posted to our Instagram and Facebook profiles. The open call will state a deadline for email requests. Any emails after the deadline will not be considered for that market. Space is limited and an email does not automatically give you a spot.

If those rules are doable and you would like to be considered for one of our markets, please email [email protected] with your name, business name, a little info about yourself, and some photos and/or a link to your social media.

We hope to have you as a vendor at our next event!