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Employee Favorites

This is a list of items that our employees simply can’t live without! We will link all products to our online store where you can place an order for curbside pickup!

Mosquito Bits

Our team are advocates for Mosquito Bits because they make getting rid of pesky mosquitos a breeze!

Marshy swampy areas inundated with Mosquito larvae? Sprinkle Mosquito Bits as a shock to quickly annihilate the larval population. Mosquito Bits are labeled to control Mosquitos & Fungus Gnats in plant beds or pots! The Bits, either sprinkled on the soil’s surface or mixed with potting soil prior to planting will kill fungus gnat larvae with the same safety and target specific control offered for mosquito larvae. Corn cob granules coated in BTI, the Bits provide a punch turning water once black with larvae, to a clear pool rid of future mosquitoes. A week after application, supplement with Mosquito Dunks and for long term control or continue to add Bits on a bi-weekly basis.

Beneficial Bugs

An often overlooked team favorite is beneficial bugs which help to create balance and biodiversity in your garden. They are a safe way to control pests without harming our pollinators!

Click here to shop our avalible beneficial bugs!

Garden Guide & BI Seed Starting Pots

Our team finds that the Garden Guide presents a low stress option for introducing gardening in our area. It is a great resource to have on hand and has the answers to every gardening question you could think of!

They also believe that the Botanical Interests Seed Pots are a must have for gardeners who start garden from seed! These Seed Pots are made with recycled cardboard, making them eco friendly and great for seedlings with fragile root systems that are sensitive to disturbances! They will break down if planted in ground, or they can be added to your composter.

Neem & Pump Up Sprayer

Neem is a remedy for a wide array of indoor plant problems, and our team is a huge fan! It can work as an insecticide, fungicide, and even as a leaf shine!

The Pump Up Sprayer is also a fan favorite because it mists plants just right while keeping your hand & wrist from getting sore. This handheld option is great for those looking for a smaller sprayer option.

Microlife Ultimate 8-4-6 & Microlife Cactus & Succulent Food & Root Stimulator

Our team never have any problems with cacti and succulents at home when using all of these recommended products! They always look healthy and they never have to worry about burning or over fertilizing.

Microlife Ultimate 8-4-6 is great for all plants, especially new plant starts. It is packed full of beneficial microbes and nutrients.

Microlife Cactus & Succulent Food is one of the best fertilizers around for those types of plants! Feeding them according to the directions on the package will ensure the most growth from your plants.

Root Stimulator helps root development by supplying natural plant growth hormones that are found in kelp. As a natural bio-stimulant, it helps plants through the stress of transplanting and enhances the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms that support plant growth and nutrient absorption.

Rose Glo & Liquid Seaweed

Rose Glo and Seaweed both help with plant health and encourage growth without causing stress to your plants.

Rose Glo is the premier organic rose fertilizer on the market, with the highest nutrient content that happens to also be great for vegetables, annuals, tropicals, and other blooming plants as well! Rose Glo contains a wide variety of high nutrient materials including humates, feather meal, bone meal, worm castings, alfalfa meal, and compost for more colorful blooms and rich green foliage!

Liquid Seaweed acts like a super charge tonic for your plants. Plants readily absorb Liquid Seaweed through their leaves and roots, making them stronger with more vibrant color and more resistant to things like stress, pests, and diseases. Seaweed is also an excellent root stimulator and new plant starter.

Microlife Humates & Bug Houses

Our team has been using Microlife Humates Plus on their potted plants for years and have seen far less stress and a much faster growth rate! They also love the bug houses because our friendly pollinators need a place to live! Adding a bug house to your yard will ensure your plants always have pollinators close by!

Plant Doctor

The team loves Plant Doctor because, to put it plainly, it works! Some of them identify as “lazy gardeners” so anything that will make gardening easier, they’re all about it!

Organocide® Plant Doctor is an earth-friendly broad spectrum disease control and preventative for use on turf, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals, and flowers. It prevents and cures a myriad of plant diseases, including those that cause downy mildew, root rot, leaf and stem blights, leaf spots and many others!

Skeeter Screen Yard Sticks & Systemic Granules

Our team swears by systemic granules as being an easy way to ensure their houseplants are protected against pests without having to treat constantly or add extra steps to their care routines. Adding these in while potting gives them extra peace of mind about the health of their plants. Simply sprinkle the directed amount over the soil and water in! Pests will be gone within days.

They’re also is a fan of the Skeeter Screen Yard Sticks. These giant incense sticks are great for outdoor gatherings to keep mosquitos at bay. The smoke will cause mosquitos to leave the area, making it a perfect temporary solution to keep your guests from being bit!

Liquid Seaweed & Superthrive

Our team members are huge fans likes the Seaweed and Superthrive combo because they helped his plants to stay healthy through our extreme temperature and moisture changes. The most important time to make sure you’re using these products is when the season is changing! Foliage sprays with Liquid Seaweed help fortify the plant from the outside in, while watering in superthrive is the equivalent of your plant taking it’s vitamins! You can’t go wrong with either of these products!

Gardening Gloves & Wind Chimes

The team enjoys the color variety of gloves and thinks they are a must for all avid gardeners who spend most of their time in the dirt! They also don’t think your outdoor space is complete without wind chimes! There are so many options of sizes and tones, choose one that you find to be the most relaxing and hear the difference it will make!

Leca Balls & Ocean Harvest Fertilizer

Our team has been using Leca and Ocean Harvest Fertilizer, to rehab some cuttings and all are thriving! For more information on how to use Leca as a growing medium, visit this helpful website!

Ocean Harvest is the liquid version of granular MicroLife 6-2-4. Use as a foliar nutritional spray, bio-stimulate, mineralizer, microbial enhancer, and as a complete fertilizer. Ocean Harvest 4-2-3 is fast acting as it is readily absorbed through the leaves and roots. Plants become stronger with more beautiful color and are more resistant to problems of stress, pests, and disease.

Systemic Granules

Our team uses systemic granules on all their potted plants! It Is especially important to treat new plants you bring home after purchasing! Pests unfortunately come with the territory, so treating plants for pests before you even know if they have them will ensure a breakout doesn’t happen! Pests are easily treatable especially when caught early, but if left untreated, they become overrun and will suck the life from your plant then move to other plants in your home! Systemic Granules ensure your new plant will have no pests!

Garden Buckets

The team enjoys using the garden buckets because they last longer than regular 5 gallon buckets, they’re easier to carry, and never get stuck together! These have multiple uses in and out of the garden, and a reliable bucket is something everyone should have on hand!


The team is crazy about seeds because they provide us with options for varieties that may be hard to find as established plants! They’re also a great option for those on a tighter budget! Click here to shop seeds on our online store!

Microlife Ultimate 8-4-6

Our team swears they cannot grow any plants without Microlife 8-4-6!

This is the most powerful, most nutritional fertilizer possible yet will not burn. 100% slow release, an ‘Organic Osmocote’ but with over 100 + nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon/protein and billions of beneficial microbes representing 76 different species. In addition the extra NPK punch we drop in extra rock minerals so this product will rock with goodness. Awesome for all new plant starts. You will not need anything else to get your plants started.

Perlite & Orchid Bark & Potting Mix

Our team loves to mix their own soil for all indoor plants! Regular potting mix alone can be to heavy and hold too much moisture for certain plants which ultimately can lead to rot. We suggest adding perlite and orchid bark mix to the potting soil medium before repotting your plants! They help to aerate the soil, allowing water to drain through and the soil to dry out more quickly! We also recommend mixing in a slow release fertilizer such as Microlife 6-2-4!


Our team prefers using Charcoal as a soil amendment because of its aeration, mineral boost, and ability to soak up any lingering unpleasant smells in soil! Whenever you repot, add a bit of charcoal before mixing it together and repotting your plant! They will be thankful for the extra additive!