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DIY Potting Station

Repotting your plants can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have the right materials or enough space to get the job done comfortably. We have two service options that may be useful to you! Both options are available for plants and pots that are purchased at our store, and for plants and pots you bring from home.

Option one: Opt for our team to repot the plant for you at checkout. Simply mention that you would like your plant to be repotted before you pay. We use organic soil and give you the option of a top dressing! Our team is more than willing to create mixed arrangements, or add products such as moss poles and other support systems to your potted plant.

Option two: Repot the plant yourself at our DIY potting station. Located on the tropical floor, this station has everything you need to get the job done! With multiple soil and top dressing options, you are able to customize your arrangement however you want. Below we will go over a step by step tutorial on how to use the station.

How to use the DIY Potting Station

Step 1: Pick out your plant and pot (or bring them from home).

Step 2: Choose between the available potting mixes (Fox Farm Mix or Cactus/Succulent Mix). There is also river rock available for added drainage at the bottom of the pot. The drainage step is optional, especially if you have us drill a drainage hole in the pot ($1 per pot).

Step 3: Gently remove your plant from the grow pot. Keep the grow pot close because you will need it at checkout! Place the plant in the pot and pack more soil around the roots so the plant is held in place. Use the available brush and bucket to sweep up any excess soil that may have spilled.

Step 4: Choose a top dressing. We have a variety of options when it comes to top dressings. From gravels to sands, these help to give your plant that finishing touch. It is especially useful for plants that you are giving as gifts!

Step 5: Take your newly potted plant to checkout at the front registers! Don’t forget the grow pots that your plants came in. You will also want to bring the grow pot home with you because it holds the information tag which contains identification and care information!