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Garden Mum Care

Mums are a fan favorite when it comes to Autumn color. They provide bright pops of orange, yellow, red, and even purple! In this blog we will discuss the proper care for Garden Mums and give you some tips and tricks to seep them looking their best all season long!

General Care

Chrysanthemum (Mums) are a must-have fall addition, and look beautiful on patios, entryways, or added to a mixed border. They need full to partial sun, with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight being ideal. They can be kept in containers or planted in ground. Mums benefit from a feeding with a slow release fertilizer that is watered in thoroughly. Mums do not like to dry out. To prevent floppy flowers, water at the soil level and keep the blooms dry. Deadheading the spent blooms keeps them looking tip-top all through the season. Simply pluck off the old blooms and more will form in their place. If planted in ground, mulch heavily before freezes to prevent root freeze.

Tips & Tricks

  • Fertilizer: We suggest using slow release granular fertilizer on Mums. Our favorite being Rose Glo. With its 6-8-4 ratio, you feed all necessary parts of the plant, and feed the blooms during the blooming season! 
  • Soil: Well draining potting soil is best. Chrysanthemums cannot tolerate saying too wet for too long, so it is important to make sure the soil does not allow standing water!
  • Sun and Water Needs: While Chrysanthemums love full sun to establish buds, we recommend moving your mum to an area that receives part shade once buds open. This will extend the life of the blooms on your plant. Watering regularly is ideal. It is important to water at the base of the plant directly onto the soil. This prevents fungal issues from forming on the foliage, further extending the life of your Mum!
  • Water tricks:  Water in the morning, so any water and dew on the leaves is allowed to dry throughout the day. If you notice that the plant is wilting, add more water and try a shadier spot.
  • Air Flow: Provide good air circulation to help the soil dry properly, and to prevent disease on the foliage. 

Mum Fun Facts:

Chrysanthemums were originally cultivated in China as Early as 15th Century B.C., where they was grown as an herb and used in traditional Chinese medicine to calm nerves, aid in blood pressure, and other ailments! 

Japan celebrates “Kiku no Sekku”, which translates to Chrysanthemum Day. This is one of Japan’s 5 sacred festivals, also called the Festival of Happiness, celebrated September 9th (the 9th day of the 9th month).

While some varieties have a better flavor profile, all Chrysanthemums are edible!  

Mums begin the blooming cycle when days begin shortening, making them the perfect Fall flower!

For any other questions about Mums, feel free to come in and speak to our plant experts! To shop mums online, click here!