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My Pet Monster(a)

Looking for an easy-to-care-for plant that’s also a showstopper? Look no further than the Monstera Deliciosa. This stunning plant has large, glossy leaves with distinctive fenestrations that make it an iconic choice for home decor. And lucky for you, Garden Seventeen has it as our Plant of the Month, priced at only $19.99 for a 10″ pot (usually $32.99)!

So, how do you keep your monstera thriving? Here are some tips to keep it happy and healthy:

  • Light: Monstera deliciosa likes bright, indirect light. Too much direct sun can scorch those gorgeous leaves, so be sure to place it in a spot with filtered light.
  • Water: Wait until the top inch of soil feels dry, and then give it a good soak. Don’t overdo it, though – these babies are prone to root rot. We’ve got moisture meters for you to help take away some of the guesswork! 
  • Aerial roots are nothing to fear; they’re a sign of a healthy plant! We recommend giving your monstera a moss pole to climb. You can also trim them off if they freak you out.
  • Fertilizer: Monstera deliciosa benefits from regular fertilization during the growing season (spring and summer). Talk to us about plenty of options we have on-hand. Also, beef up your bebe with liquid seaweed; it will strengthen the roots, which comes in clutch with their impressive leaf size!
  • Repotting: As your monstera grows, you’ll ned to repot. Wait until the roots start to grow out of the drainage holes, and then choose a pot that’s only slightly larger than the current one. If this intimidates you, bring your plant to us! We’re happy to help with potting services. 

With these tips in mind, your monstera deliciosa should thrive and bring a touch of tropical vibes to your home. Come on by Garden Seventeen to take advantage of this deal while it lasts!