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Tillandsia – Air Plants

Do you like plants but dislike the mess that soil creates? An Air Plant might be right for you! Tillandsias prefer to cling to other trees, rocks, and anything else they can attach their roots to in nature. This makes them perfect for hanging near a bright window or under a shaded outdoor patio! All they need to survive is light, water, and a little but of love!

Tillandsia are one of the most common houseplants, but also one of the most diverse! Whether you are looking for a small succulent variety, or the long flowing locks of Spanish Moss, Air Plants make an impact on any space! 

Tillandsia are a relatively easy-to-care-for houseplant with only 3 rules on how to keep them happy! 

1: Bright Light

Air Plants naturally grow from the South-Eastern United States through Mexico, down to Southern Argentina and the West Indies.

Deciding how much light your Air Plant needs is easy with this color trick: 

Green Leaved Species live closer to the ground in cool, humid, shaded, lower levels of a rainforest. These will thrive in bright indirect light, but they can tolerate medium-bright light. 

Silver/Grey Leaf Species are generally found in the upper canopy, on the side of a cliff, or even growing on rooftops in full sun! This variety is a bit more tolerant of bright light, and can even handle some direct sun through a window. A native example of this species is the Spanish Moss clusters found in the canopy of our southern live oaks!

2: Watering

Thin leaved varieties (like Tillandsia Fuchsii), love humidity and water! These occur naturally in rainier climates. These will need to be watered twice a week with a thorough 15 minute soak.

Wider leaved varieties (like Tillandsia Xerographica) are more tolerant to drought because of their wide leaves and silver/grey color. They will need really bright light and morning sun so we suggest watering weekly when the leaves start to curl similar to how a book closes. One 15 minute soak should be all it needs.

3: A Dry Tillandsia Is A Happy Tillandsia

The most important step to keeping your Air Plant thriving is making sure it dries after its soak. We suggest a Tillandsia spa treatment; place it upside down over a towel or drying rack to allow water to drain from the center of the plant. Sitting water trapped in the center of the plant after watering can cause rot! 

With sturdier varieties, giving them a gentle shake after a soak helps get most of the excess water out (it might just be a little messy).

Easy Varieties For Beginners

For the New Air Plant Parent: Tillandsia Bulbosa – Belize

For the Under-Waterer: Tillandsia Xerographica

For the Over-Waterer: Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides)

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