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Soil Prep for Spring Plantings

Mar 04, 2023

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Get your soil ready for Spring plantings with our “Soil Prep for Spring Plantings” class! In this class, we’ll explore the different types of soil and which one is best for each type of plant. You’ll learn about the benefits of composting and how to properly incorporate it into your soil. We’ll also discuss the… Read moreSoil Prep for Spring Plantings

Composting 101

Apr 29, 2023

Get tickets for the in-person class ($10.00)
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Reduce your waste and create nutrient-rich soil with our “Composting 101” class! In this discussion, we’ll guide you through the basics of composting, including how to get started, the purpose of composting, and best practices for composting success. You’ll learn how to activate your compost pile and what household products can be composted. Whether you’re… Read moreComposting 101

Roses: Everything You Need To Know

The Rose bush is a classic flowering perennial that is known for it’s bright, colorful blooms! We sat down with Whitney, our perennials, trees, and shrubs buyer to create this guide on growing roses. We will go over planting, fertilizing, watering, pruning, and give you two other great resources to take a look at! Planting… Read moreRoses: Everything You Need To Know

Fall in Austin: Time To Plant & Winterize!

Plant Those Perennials! With the cooler weather comes the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, clumping grasses and cold tolerant perennials. Spring planting is great too, but why not let your plants get a jump start on their root systems during the colder months?  Due to our (mostly) mild winters, most outdoor plants here in… Read moreFall in Austin: Time To Plant & Winterize!

Ultimate Fall Guide

With fall and winter right around the corner, it is time to start preparing your plants and landscaping for the cooler months. It is important to your plant’s health to make sure you prepare them for the changing seasons. We sat down with our buyers to create the ultimate fall guide for your plants and… Read moreUltimate Fall Guide

Prep Your Lawn For Spring

I sat down with our plant and lawn care expert Zoanna to discuss important products, as well as how and when to apply them for the healthiest lawn possible!

Preparing Plants For Cooler Weather

With cooler weather just around the corner, you will want to begin preparing your plants and landscaping for survival through the winter.