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Square: “Here To Stay” Series

Founded purely on the love of plants and landscaping, Garden Seventeen provides a safe space for plant enthusiasts to congregate and learn, no matter their skill level! We are proudly LGBTQ owned and operated and strive to make Garden Seventeen as inclusive as possible. Check out our episode of the Here To Stay series that was produced by Square. The series covers 5 local Austin LGBTQ owned businesses, and Garden Seventeen was excited to join their list!

Netflix’s Queer Eye Filming

We have exciting news! Garden Seventeen, along with our sister company Native Edge Landscape, were featured in the newest season of Queer Eye on Netflix! You can catch us on season 6 episode 6 titled “Community Allied”. We provided plants, pots, and fountains for the hero’s space and her clinic, while the team over at Native Edge did all the hard work in transforming Dr. Jereka Thomas’s space. We were told that this yard transformation was the largest in Queer Eye history, so head on over to Netflix to watch the episode for yourself!

To see more behind the scenes images and read about our experience, click here!


We would love to hear about your experience! All employees who are mentioned by name in a 5 star review receive a small bonus at our monthly meeting!

"As a longtime South Austinite, I was anxious to relocate north, far from my southside favorite. I’m so glad I found Garden Seventeen! I love that the outdoor plants are focused on native and adapted plants, aligning with Austin’s water conservation goals. It’s a relatively small space, but it’s so well-curated that I always leave happy.
Houseplants? Check. Cactuses and succulents? Check. Roses? Check. Veggies? Check. Gorgeous pottery? Check. There is always someone ready to assist with any questions, make recommendations, and even help load your vehicle. That level of customer service is exceptional! Add to all of that a fantastic rewards program! I’m obsessed. Local businesses always do it better." - Lora B.

"My favorite plant store! In no particular order, this is why Garden Seventeen is so lovely: 1. permanent coffee truck adjacent to the store, 604 Coffee, is delicious. I love grabbing an iced latte to sip on while I walk amongst the plants. 2. They have a diverse selection of local plants, and I find it really easy to browse because they don't keep a huge number of each plant. It's easy to find what you're looking for because the inventory isn't so overwhelming. 3. The descriptions on each plant are well-written and make it easy to discern if it's the right plant for you. 4. Their staff is so knowledgeable and even better, they let you browse in peace." - Sara A.

"Everything you thought you loved about your favorite Gardening center/store has been replaced with Garden Seventeen. No kidding around - this is Austin’s best kept secret! A MUST SEE FOR YOURSELF!" - Glory C.

"Shopping here is always a delight!! They've got a great selection of healthy plants, with gorgeous displays, and soooo many cool and unique garden/plant accessories...plus they carry the GOOD stuff as far as soil, supplements, tools, etc... I look forward to shopping there many many more times!" - Kendal Q.

"Been there a few times already and every time I'm so impressed. Amazing staff - super friendly and super professional, will help and educate you about gardening if you want and will go far and beyond to help their customers!" - Shai G.