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About Us

Who We Are

At Garden Seventeen, our mission is to cultivate a community of garden enthusiasts, artists, and makers by providing a space for creativity and growth.

We strive to bring people together through our events, markets, and classes, all while promoting sustainable gardening practices.

Our goal is to create a hub for creativity and inspiration, where everyone is welcome to come and experience the beauty of nature in our urban oasis.

President & Founder

Rodney Stoutenger

Rodney Stoutenger is a visionary entrepreneur and landscape designer based in Austin, Texas. He is the founder of Rodney Lee Brands, a family of brands that encompasses his passion for creativity and excellence in gardening, landscaping, and all things plants. With a deep-rooted love for nature and a unique perspective on design, Rodney has established himself as a leader in the industry and a trusted resource. Whether it’s through his innovative landscape designs, his engaging presence on television, or his informative and entertaining workshops, Rodney is dedicated to inspiring and educating others about the beauty and benefits of nature.