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Medina Products You Need

Medina products are great for a multitude of areas of plants, lawn, and gardening. Packed with tons of nutrients to help fortify your plant, you won’t want to skip out on these products! Your plants will thank you with beautiful, healthy, showy foliage! Below we go into detail about each Medina product that we carry. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to come in and speak with our sales associates!

Soil Activator

The original biological activator for the soil, called Yogurt for the Soil by natural gardening experts, stimulates beneficial organisms in the soil. You’ll notice a healthier, stronger root system because it actually loosens and balances the soil. Use to care for and revitalize tired, overworked lawns and gardens. Medina Soil Activator can be used with most fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, or in conjunction with natural soil building practices. It is excellent for compost piles, and derived from a complex bio-catalyst process. It’s also fortified with essential micronutrients.

  • Balances the soil micro flora
  • Balances soil pH
  • Balances soil structure
  • Reduces salt accumulations
  • Reduces chemical buildups
  • Promotes root growth
  • Reduces soil compaction

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Medina Plus

Medina Plus is a combination of Medina Soil Activator plus Soluble Seaweed extracts which contain extra nutrients, trace elements, and amino acids in a natural form. It is ideal for foliar application to fruit trees, vegetables and grain crops. 

It provides all the benefits of Medina Soil Activator plus:

  • Increases blooming and leaf growth 
  • Promotes fruit set
  • Recommended for transplanting 
  • Recommended for seed treatment

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Horticultural Molasses

Horticultural Molasses provide a natural food source for the indigenous microbial populations in the soil. The sugars in molasses can increase microbial activity (which will help decay thatch and crop residue) thereby increasing the recycling of nutrients. It is recommended for all types of plants, crops and turf. Molasses is compatible with most natural biological soil stimulators.  

Some extra benefits: This product can knock down ant populations in yards and help to get rid of nutsedge!

GENERAL: Shake well and mix 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) per gallon of water to use as a soil stimulator. 
TURF: Use 3 to 12 ounces per 1000 sq. feet. This application can be repeated every 2 weeks as needed. 

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HastaGro Plant Food

This plant food is actually multiple products in one! It contains high quality N-P-K plant food, Medina Soil Activator to stimulate biological activity, HuMate humic acid to improve the soil structure by improving nutrient uptake, and seaweed extracts for better root growth and production. It is ideal for foliar applications where nutrients are absorbed directly by the plant. The low-salt, low chemical formulation prevents leaf burn. Nitrogen is derived from clean urea sources.

HastaGro is recommended for houseplants, fruit trees, vegetables, and small grains. 

  • Gentle formulation for foliar application 
  • Prevents salt and chemical buildup 
  • Builds biological activity in the soil 
  • Promotes fruiting and blooming 
  • Compatible with drip irrigation 
  • Compatible with hydroponics 

Apply 1 oz HastaGro per gallon water. 

Application rate for Tomatoes, Beans, Peas, Cucumbers, Melons: When the plant has 2 to 4 leaves, apply the mixture. If more crop set is desired, repeat every 7 to 10 days up to 4 times.

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HastaGro 12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food Plus

Liquid Lawn Food is like getting a lawn care kit in a bottle. With this convenient ready-mix formula, simply attach a garden hose to the container to treat an average lawn in 10 minutes. HastaGro Lawn Food contains a blend of quality, natural lawn food supplements plus Medina Soil Activator and Humate Liquid Humus. It’s great for a quick lawn green-up since the nutrients are absorbed by the leaves within minutes. By using this product, you avoid the messes and chemical hazards of harsh fertilizers.

ESTABLISHED LAWNS: treat once every season 
LAWNS with PROBLEMS: treat monthly

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Medina Orange Oil

Orange Oil is a useful product to have in your household arsenal for multiple reasons. It is wonderful for cleaning wood furniture and deodorizing the home, while also being a pest killer in the garden! It works against everything from fleas, house crickets, paper wasps, spiders, and cockroaches to all types of ants, wasps, aphids and termites!

LAWNS and RAISED BEDS: 6oz orange oil per 1 gal water
CONTAINER POTS: 1-3oz orange oil per 1 gal water 
SPRAY BOTTLES: 1oz orange oil & fill with water. 

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Medina Liquid Seaweed

Liquid Seaweed is an all-natural product that helps germination and root development. Use as a transplant aid, foliar spray or soil drench. Use by itself or with other Medina products to grow more vegetables or make flowering plants have more blooms! Liquid seaweed increases both the plant and soil health to create a more advantageous way to grow plants.

Due to these added benefits not only does the plant receive the nutrients it needs, but the soil is improved and plant defenses against pests and diseases are naturally increased! Seaweed functions as an all organic bio-fertilizer. Because seaweed is rich in micro and macronutrientshumic acids, and phytohormones, it enhances soil fertility.[1] In addition, seaweed-derived fertilizers contain polysaccharidesproteins, and fatty acids which improve the moisture and nutrient retention of soil, contributing to improved crop growth.[1] 


Houseplants: 1oz seaweed per 1gal – water during every other watering

Transplanting (plants with roots): 1oz per 1gal water

Foliar spray: 1oz per 1gal water – spray with pump-up sprayer bi-weekly all year long

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