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Garden Seventeen Support Update

How You Can Help:

Hey all! It’s Rodney again!

As most of you have seen, last week we posted a video to express our need for support at this time. We want to thank you, the amount of response we have seen so far has been overwhelming. The amount of emails I have received has been fantastic. But most of all the amount of warmth and support the team has felt on the floor day to day thanks to you guys!

I know it’s been another tough week for our city with the current weather conditions, but you still showed up. You still showed your support, and we could not be more grateful!

As you know, we opened up our Merch for shipping to allow support from outside of Austin. And WOW has that been amazing – thank you for all of those who took this opportunity to show your support! With the success of our merch, we will be adding a category on our online store at GardenSeventeen.com/Shop as an “available to ship” category as we continue to expand product availability, so be sure to keep an eye out!

It was suggested by some that a visual aid or additional information for understanding our goal would be helpful, and we couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to say a full number, because at the end of the day it is our responsibility as a business to do our part and put in the work. We just want to make sure we are letting everyone know we need the support right now.

The dream, is to grow this destination style garden center that creates a space for the community while beautifying and enhancing the environment. I want to create a space where people want to come to work, a space where people want to spend an afternoon.

Part of our current goal is to recoup some of the costs of our lost inventory in the 2021 freeze, and the damages from the theft attempts at the store since the insurance was not able to assist with this process. The other part of our goal is to work towards our inventory restock. Because of those overwhelming surprise expenses, we lost traction for a moment on getting ahead of inventory with cashflow. If you’ve been here recently, you know what we’re talking about. But because of this week’s success from your support, we’ve been able to almost completely restock the floor! – but we do still have a ways to go!

There is a really simple fix to this – shop with us!

We are not seeking donations, we are hoping to be your first stop on your shopping list! We’re not asking you to not shop at other local plant stores this spring, we are asking that you consider avoiding big box stores and remember locally owned shops this coming season! Locally owned businesses employ your friends and neighbors that are full of passion for plants and the industry, and are excited to share that experience with you!

As we mentioned before, we still have a ways to go, but we are all feeling lighter knowing what the community has shown us so far, and can not wait to see what the next few weeks hold for us! So if you’ve been thinking about coming by, now is the time!

We also want to show our support to you by offering a special little something – so if you’re not already receiving our newsletters, make sure you sign up ASAP!

Thank you again for showing up, showing support, and most importantly sharing with us what you’re looking for, please keep this coming!


Rodney Stoutenger
Owner, Garden Seventeen